As a scholar-practitioner, my work relies on a core set of skills.

Critical Analysis

I systematically analyze bodies of information using multiple perspectives, historical contexts, and question-based research.

Why do some photographers swear by the 50mm lens as the lens that best approximates human vision? By analyzing a wide range of sources – ranging from the history of photography to trade press to archival sources – I illustrated how and why this lens came to take on such strong associations with normalcy and realism.

Inclusive Storytelling

I read large volumes of specialized material, create accessible summaries, and translate complex concepts into clear ideas.

To help her students learn about history, Krista Grensavitch often uses object lessons in her classroom. In my video documenting her class’ investigation of dolls used to teach Milwaukee Public School students about sexual consent, I worked with Krista to design a video that emphasized the value of contextualizing objects, the often invisible work of the archivist, and some tactics for telling, and listening to, better histories.

Project Management

Five years’ experience initiating detail oriented research projects, creating strategic plans, and delivering on multiple project deadlines.

Organized the 2017-2018 Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference (MIGC), a two-day graduate conference.

Managed a team of five organizers and 10+ volunteers to smoothly coordinate two days of scholarly and creative presentations, including a Creative Showcase highlighting the work of thirteen graduate artists.

Successfully managed an $8,000 budget, primarily through fundraising with university departments, and resolved inherited conference debt.

Chaired conference after three years of leadership and volunteering with the conference.