A couple spend a night away.

A submission for the 2014 Mixed Emotions Film Festival at SUNY Oswego.

Featuring Jeffrey Newell and Emily Fulfarr

Director: Allain Daigle
Producer: Chris Jones
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Newell
Cinematographer: Allain Daigle
Editors: Allain Daigle and Jeffrey Newell

Unspoken Instrumental – Arian Saleh
My Beloved – Dominik Hauser
Don’t Forget – Blip Blip Bleep

Featured Content
Interview – Kazuo Ishiguro
In the Mood for Love – Wong Kar-Wai

The life sized photo featured is The Wanderer, a portrait from Jeffrey Newell’s Master’s Gallery. The piece features Emily Fulfarr.

February 2014

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